Corporate Training & Workshops

One thing every business has in common is the desire for higher productivity. In Roots we understand how crucial are leadership and learning to business growth. It is our aspiration to produce future leaders through our business training courses and workshops.
In our interactive corporate training programs and workshops we will explore and share with you tools and ideas. The goal of these tools and ideas is, to increase effectively and efficiently the productivity. Also, our management training programs will improve your personal time management as well as your team.

Tailored To Fit Your Needs Courses

Roots training services is not limited to the widely requested courses. We provide training and workshops tailored according to specific needs of your business. These may include, among other:

  • Change Management & Emotional Intelligence.
  • Leadership Management Profiles.
  • Teamwork and Team Building activities.
  • Added Value Sales Team.

We make it our responsibility to provide consulting to our customers on issues related to performance development. 

Core Processes:

  • Working with Organizations to identify gaps through Training need Analysis
  • Provide tailor-made workshops for specific performance needs
  • Mentoring managers on people & performance management
  • Design activities and deliver training events
  • Supply tools to Measure results (as deemed possible)
Tailored training for your business needs

Widely Requested Pre-Prepared Courses

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