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Roots Management Consultants is one of the top payroll outsourcing companies in Egypt. Roots provides fully managed Payroll services in Egypt. This is a part of our HR (Human Resources) cutting edge outsource services. We help companies of all sizes and in several industries to enjoy the benefits of payroll outsource services.

Your Number 1 Choice For Payroll Outsourcing Company in Egypt?

In Roots, we have a team of dedicated payroll experts to respond to all your payroll services needs. The team works under the management of a payroll expert consultant. It includes ex-employees of the Egyptian Tax Authority. It also includes ex-employees of the Public Authority for Social Insurance.

Combined, this team would provide your company with more than 97 man-year of expertise.

The team handles; Firstly, keeping a hawk-eye on Egypt’s tax laws and regulations changes. Secondly, acquiring, understanding and digesting any social insurance laws and regulations changes. Thirdly, liaising with Egypt’s  governmental agencies for all the paperwork, payments…etc. Which ensures your payroll compliance with laws and regulations.

Roots keeps all payroll documents, files, reports and invoices in a secure scheme. Mainly, in a digital filing scheme and are obtainable for client review upon request.

Egypt imposes income tax on the worldwide income of Egyptian residents. Non-residents are subject to tax on income earned or realized in Egypt. While, imposes Social Insurance on all workers both Egyptians and foreigners.

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How Payroll Outsourcing Services Works?

Our capable team will take care of all your payroll related treatments:

  • Completing the employee social insurance record and the Egypt’s social insurance required registration
  • Calculating employees related payments such as, basic salary, overtime, bonuses, incentives, profit sharing, vacations.
  • We can use any payroll scheme you are currently using
  • Calculate various deductions such as, social insurance, taxes, governmental stamps and similar deductions.
  • Provide you with a report including the required total amounts
  • Based on the report, you would transfer the required amount to Roots’ bank account.
  • Roots will then start bank wire transfers to credit each employee’s account.
  • You will be able to identify the bank of your choice to handle your employees accounts if you have one
  • We can use your existing payroll bank account, in case you have a payroll bank account.
  • In case you don’t have it, we will take care of opening bank accounts for your employees.
  • This will include finishing all the required formalities with the bank.
  • We would fill all suitable forms and start the process for social insurance and tax submission as well
  • Besides, we will carry out the deposit process and get the settlement document
  • Payment receipts, reports and invoices for all the services are available through e-mails.
  • Moreover, If you need original hard copies, we will provide it
  • In case the employee leaves your company, Roots will complete the required legal documents
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We believe that it is imperative to any business success to reduce the cost and focus on core business. No matter what size is your company or in which industry, these 2 points are important to any business success.

Payroll Outsourcing definition is

“Hiring an external firm to handle all your payroll functions“.

For small and medium sized companies, payroll outsourcing services can save time and money. It reduces the need for in-house dedicated trained payroll staff.

Also, eliminates the need to buy and maintain payroll software and hardware packages. Let’s not forget, the burden of staying compliant with the ever changing governmental legislation.

Large companies that already have an HR departments can enjoy Payroll outsourcing services.

Our services effectively relieves the HR department of your organization. We off-load the day to day HR operations management issues off their shoulders. Our services provide you cost savings, easier payroll management and enhances employee benefit.

Bottom line, if the question is a payroll outsourcing firm in Egypt, Roots is the answer.

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