Employees Outsourcing

Roots Management Consultants is a leading Employees Outsourcing Company in Egypt. Roots is offering fully managed employees outsourcing services.

Basically, Roots Employees Outsourcing Division is catering to the growing needs for employment outsourcing. The division consists of experienced HR Team, with ex-employees of governmental bodies.

What Do Roots Employees Outsourcing Services Cover?

Our services, cover the employee life cycle  from entering stage all the way to the exit stage. No matter if the employee is a temporary for a period of time or for permanent employment.

The HR team will provide the:

  • Monthly payroll services
  • Benefits Package or Benefits Program administration
  • Health Care Program administration

While the vast experience of the ex-employees of relevant governmental bodies will ensure:

  • Quick governmental documents submission
  • Proper follow up and completion
  • Regulations and legislations compliance
Employees Outsourcing Cost saving

Roots Employees Outsourcing offerings present a unique model. We forged many HR processes to present a comprehensive outsourcing solution to clients.

Roots looks after the outsourced staffs’ employment registration records with the social insurance authority. Also, salary and benefits management and all payroll services related issues. Also this includes, promotions and increments. Not to forget, official and statutory requirements and all correctional and performance management matters.

What Are The Employees Outsourcing Benefits?

Employees outsourcing is a well known practice that many companies around the world adopt. Roots was among the first companies that offered Employees Outsourcing in Egypt. In general, Employees Outsourcing provides:

  • A flexible employees management  to your business 
  • Improves efficiency 
  • Reduces overheads
  • Reduces the risk to the business
  • Growth flexibility
  • Besides, it provides you a hassle-free HR management

The Employees Outsourcing Service is beneficial for both global and local companies in Egypt. 

For global companies it:

  • Shortens the time to market
  • Also reduces the risk of laws and regulations compliance
  • As well as, it provides the chance to reduce the in country head count.

For local companies it:

  • Provides cost reduction
  • Reduces the risks of meeting the local laws and requirements

Both global and local companies can also enjoy the following:

For most business HR activities would be non-core business.  It is more likely a supportive function.  Accordingly, Roots Employees Outsourcing Services would be a great help. You will have more time and effort to focus on your core business.

For companies without HR department, this means focusing on your core business and leaving the non-core for us to manage. Also means:

  • No need to hire dedicated staff to calculate payrolls
  • Ensure employee’s record compliance with laws and regulations
  • Off load yourself from the employees health care process and claims

Still,  if you have an HR department, our services effectively relieves the HR department of your organization. We off-load the day to day HR operations management issues off their shoulders. Our services provide you cost savings, easier employees management and enhances employee’s benefit.

Accordingly, this will save your time, money and enable HR Teams to focus on more strategic and value adding initiatives.

Roots is Here to Help You Every Step of The Way

As part of helping the client to outsource his non-core HR functions, Roots offers a separate but essential service. In this consultancy service, Roots can help with the recruitment process.

For example, Roots can advertise the job vacancy on your behalf. We can also collect the candidates’ resumes and conduct the initial screening. Then, providing you or your HR department a shortlist of candidates resumes. It is a well-known fact that the recruitment process is time and effort consuming. 

Accordingly, with Roots as your Employees Outsourcing Firm in Egypt, you will save a great amount of time, money and effort. Also, you can incorporate other services from one single provider such as:

Roots will help on every step of employees outsourcing

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