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Since 1997 Roots Management Consultants has been working in the Human Resources field. During this period, we wrote many HR Manuals & Handbooks that contains HR Policies & Procedures manuals & Employees handbooks.

HR Manuals & Handbooks are essential to streamline all HR functions. The Human Resources Manuals and Employee Handbook has several benefits to offer.

Benefits of Establishing or Reviewing Your HR Manuals & Handbooks?

First of all, if your business doesn’t have HR Manuals & Handbooks, why should do it?
  • Reduce legal risks that a wrong HR related decision can cause.
  • Enhance and stream line the performance of the organization.
  • Paves the way for business controlled and progressive growth.
  • Enhances business compliance to legislation.
  • In short, it is about telling every one what to do in different situations. Also, the best business approved way to do it.
If already all the manuals and handbooks are in place, then you should know that it needs regular review. An external consultant, such as Roots Management Consultants, should review these documents.
The recommendation is to review your HR Manuals & Handbooks at least once every 2 or 3 years. The manuals review will ensure that the current policies and procedures still fit your business needs. Also, reviewing the Employee Handbook would ensure getting greatest effeciency of each employee.
Benefits of Establishing or Reviewing Your HR Manuals and Handbooks?

What is Human Resources Policies & Procedures Manual?

The HR Policies & Procedures manual is an internal  document including all company’s policies. Also, some times the organization calls them the HR Operations Manuals. These policies serve managing the employees task force. It covers all the details about employees management.
Policies governs the relation between each employee and the organization from one side. Also, each employee and his, subordinates, peers and managers from the other side.
HR Manuals & Handbooks, must include in details the company’s best practice to apply each outlined policy.
Managers, supervisor and team leaders should read the HR Manuals & Handbooks. They also should consult the manuals before taking any HR related decision. Reading the manuals should guide them to the right decision and best way to put it in place.

What is Employee Handbook?

Employee Handbook is a subversion of the larger and more comprehensive Policies 

manual. It should include the company’s policies related to the employee. Also, includes all procedures the employee needs to follow.

The procedures should be simple and easy for the employee to get his rights and benefits. For example, it should includes the procedure to apply for the annual leave…etc.

What Is The Difference Between HR Operations Manuals and Employee Handbook?

The employee handbook includes a subset of the HR Policies and Procedures Manuals.
The design of the HR Operations Manuals is for managers, supervisors and team leaders.
The company’s HR Manuals & Handbooks may have forms or procedures they don’t want globally shared. For example, the details of employee exit process.
While the Employee handbook should include all policies employees need to know such as workplace practices, dress code, how to apply for medical leave or annual leave…etc. It should be clear, direct and easy to understand.

What Roots Management Consultants HR Manuals & Employee Handbook is Offering?

First of all, we believe that every single business is unique in an aspect or another. Accordingly, having an off the shelf template is never a good option. This is why our consultancy service relies on building tailored solutions. Our service HR Manuals services include:
  • An analysis phase where we go through all your business aspects and map it to policies.
  • Write a document with all the policies, suggested, missing or already in place.
  • If you already have procedures in place we will review it and identify gaps.
  • If no procedures exists or for identified gaps, we will draft the best practice approach tailored for your needs.
  • Review the policies and procedures compliance with the Egyptian Labor Laws.
  • Gather all the policies and procedures in their respective manuals.
  • Train the relevant employees on how to use the manuals.
For the Employee Handbook:
The process is close to the above but focuses on policies that involves employees operations.
The nature of business, and company size would decide an important decision. The decision would be if a single handbook can fit all employees? or we need a different one for each function or department?
What Roots Management Consultants is offering for HR Manuals and Handbooks

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