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Employees Outsourcing
Roots Management Consultants is a leading Employees Outsourcing Company in Egypt. Roots is offering fully managed employees outsourcing services.Basically, Roots Employees Outsourcing Division is catering to the growing needs for employment outsourcing. The division consists of experienced HR Team, with ex-employees of governmental bodies.
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Our Services

Complete Payroll Outsourcing

Even the most experienced HR professional understands the hassles in their staff payroll management. With Payroll Outsourcing Services from Roots Management Consultants, you will ensure your payroll compliance with the latest laws and regulations, reduce your liability, reduce the cost and focus on your business.

Complete Employees Outsourcing

With Roots Management Consultants Employees Outsourcing Services, you will get the chance to grow your business, without the headache of onboarding your new employees. We take care of you employee hiring, manage all his personnel issues, his payroll management and you get to focus on business.

Work Permit Services

Roots Management Consultants helped and still helping foreigners to establish business in Egypt. We’ve also helped several businesses in Egypt to bring foreign expertise to the Egyptian market. Any foreigner looking to work or conduct business in Egypt must obtain a work permit.

Corporate Training

In our interactive corporate training programs and workshops we will explore and share with you tools and ideas. The goal of these tools and ideas is, to increase effectively and efficiently the productivity. Also, our management training programs will improve your personal time management as well as your team.

HR Manuals

Since 1997 Roots Management Consultants has been working in the Human Resources field. During this period, we wrote many HR Policies & Procedures manuals & Employees handbooks. These manuals and handbooks are essential to streamline all HR functions. Standardize your operations and your whole business.